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Australian Framing Solutions (AFS)

AFS is a design, engineering, manufacturing and installation company that provides factory controlled pre-manufactured Light Gauge Steel (LGS) framing and fully integrated off site solutions for both the residential and commercial construction sectors.
We are unique in the Australian market due to the diversity of projects that we can deliver ranging from large school projects encompassing more than 25,000 m2 through to stand alone residential housing projects.

Our un-paralleled relationship with our technology providers and the application of software, engineering, technology and modern construction methods allows AFS ...

... to be at the forefront of the industry. Early engagement of design collaboration with our customers and their consultants to ensure a more efficient and profitable alternative to the typical construction methodology currently used in Australia.
AFS believes by investing in our People, improved collaboration with our Partners we can deliver constant Progress for all our stakeholders.
AFS is led by CEO Jake Gundry and a seasoned management team with unequalled experience and a proven legacy of construction in the Australian pre-fabricated framing market.

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Our Values & Culture

We operate to a core set of values that shapes our vision and enables us to strive for excellence.

Challenger Spirit

Challenge the status quo and treat potential road blocks as opportunities.
We compete with fairness and vigour.


Collaboration amongst our team and with our customers.
Listen and respect all points of view and suggestions.
Pride in the solutions reached and the finished product.

Customer Focus

We treat our customers with respect and collaborate to understand needs and expectations.
Deliver quality frames and products to sustain? and add value.


We help clients overcome the odds by predicting, measuring and managing the risk

Personal Excellence

Strive for excellence and surpassing the standard expectations.
Recognising individual potential and contribution.
Maintain work-life balance.

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Community Spirit

We value the opportunity to be part of something outside the AFS community. The impact we have by contributing to the lives of others is a privilege and a great reinforcement of our company and personal values.
We have a strong belief that by giving to those less fortunate we will have a thriving prosperous community, and this will provide a strong environment for our business to grow.

We encourage our staff to bring forward causes which they are passionate about. The initiatives include sponsorship, donations and giving up our time to support local clubs, schools, disadvantaged individuals and

People. Partnerships. Progress



Experienced team consistently operating at a level above industry standard.


Partnerships Built on Trust

We treat our customers with respect and collaborate to understand needs and expectations to deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


Constant Improvement

AFS strives to improve our products, services and processes to allow our customers to compete in an ever-changing market.

Who Do We Partner With

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CEO at Clear Thinking

Jeff Gordons

“Our company started to work with Quantum 4 years ago. We had only positive experience and implemented a lot of projects together. We’re totally satisfied and now we know that we can rely on Quantum experts any time.”

Marketing Director at Junk Food Co.

Amanda Peterson

“I was happy to work with Quantum! Their efficient solutions helped us to improve a plenty of business processes. Now our clients receive their products faster so that they are more satisfied with our services. They deserve the highest grade!”

Director of Media at Legal Company

Elizabeth Smith

“Quantum is a reliable and professional company that applies high technology and creates exclusive programs for the clients. We highly appreciate this approach and will definitely continue our fruitful cooperation with them.”

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